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Antoine, Fabrice. 1993. Didactique du dictionnaire: les dictionnaires et l'étudiant de D.E.U.G. d'anglais [Dictionary didactics: dictionaries and English D.E.U.G. students]. In Ballard, Michel, ed. La traduction à l'université: recherches et propositions didactiques [Translation at university: research and didactical proposals]. Lille: Presses Universitaires de Lille. pp. 47–67.
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In this paper, the author sketches an overview of a problem that is too often neglected: the didactics of dictionaries. Many translation students do not know how to use these tools. The author analyses seven reference works and gives advice on how to use them properly. Moreover, the author lists a few exercises that do not only aim to make students familiar with dictionaries, but also to read them intelligently and use them judiciously with respect to certain translation problems.
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