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Gorp, Hendrik Van. 1995. Historisch beschrijvend vertaalonderzoek: enkele problemen vanuit een case study [Historical descriptive translation research: some problems from a case study]. In Bloemen, Henri, Erik Hertog and Winibert Segers, eds. Letterlijkheid/woordelijkheid - literality/verbality (Nieuwe Cahiers voor Vertaalwetenschap 4). Antwerpen: Fantom. pp. 214–222.
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In this paper Hendrik van Gorp discusses four key issues in historical descriptive translation research: firstly, the adequate description and delineation of the corpus of texts in a certain period – genre-related problems, translation versus other forms of text adaptation; secondly, the precarious status of certain interesting texts: pseudo-translations, apocryphal works, intermediary texts; thirdly, the status and interpretation of secondary texts - criticism, reviews, shortened versions, parodies; and fourthly, the socio-economic location of the texts in question – translation and royalties, translation commerce. Van Gorp examines these issues by looking at Dutch (when possible) or French and German translations of the English genre of the gothic novel
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