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Waegemans, Emmanuel. 1995. De realiteit van Russische realia en de verwaandheid van vertalers: Poesjkins Kapiteinsdochter op Nederlandse bodem [The reality of Russian realia and the arrogance of translators: Pushkin's The Captain's daughter on Dutch ground]. In Bloemen, Henri, Erik Hertog and Winibert Segers, eds. Letterlijkheid/woordelijkheid - literality/verbality (Nieuwe Cahiers voor Vertaalwetenschap 4). Antwerpen: Fantom. pp. 244–253.
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In this paper Emmanuel Waegemans discusses the first Dutch translation of Pushkin’s The Captain’s Daughter, using Raymond van den Broeck’s ideas on translation. The first Dutch translation dates back to 1853 and was actually a translation of the German translation. Waegemans states that in the Dutch translation the Russian realia – such as proper names, military ranks, food and drink – are systematically mistranslated. The German translation is far more trustworthy, but the Dutch translation, although based on this German text, deviates strongly from this translation. The Dutch translation contains numerous twists to make the source text more respectable, turning it into a boring text far removed from Pushkin’s literary accomplishment.
Source : L. Jans