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Chaballe, Louis Yvon and Jean Klein. 1994. Formation et pratique de la traduction professionnelle en Belgique francophone [Training and practice of professional translation in French-speaking Belgium]. In Blampain, Daniel, ed. La traduction et l'interprétation dans la Belgique multilingue [Translation and interpreting in multiligual Belgium]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 39 (1): 67–77.


After a brief introduction, this article looks at the translation market in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Next, it discusses the market of international organizations as well as the Belgian market. Moreover, the disparity between the number of degrees and market demand is investigated. Practical prices and market evolution are also discussed. The second main part of the article discusses training. The article distinguishes between old and new training. In new training, reflections on translation, the methods and phases of translation of specialized discourse are looked into.
Source : J. Vluijmans