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Larose, Robert. 1994. Qualité et efficacité en traduction: réponse à F. W. Sixel [Quality and efficiency in translation: a response to F.W. Sixel]. In Rajendra, Singh De, ed. La traduction vue de l'extérieur [Translation: a view from the outside]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 39 (2): 362–373.
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This article is a theoretical exposition on quality and efficiency in translation. Translation is seen as an act of interpretation, a process in which the translator tries to examine the source text and to deduce the meaning of that text. Friedrich W. Sixel formulated some general observations on language and translation, subjectivity and individuality, etc. These observations are discussed and analysed in relation to quality and efficiency.
Source : K. Foelen