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Schäffner, Christina. 2000. Running before walking? Designing a translation programme at undergraduate level. In Schäffner, Christina and Beverly Adab, eds. Developing translation competence (Benjamins Translation Library 38). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 143–156.
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In this paper, the author outlines fundamental principles for the design of a translation programme at undergraduate level in the UK context. She argues that it is in fact possible and advisable to develop basic transfer competence concurrently with language and cultural competence. In this paper, the author gives an overview of the aims of this programme, its contents and structure. She also discusses the students’ performance after their initial introduction to central issues of Translation Studies. This discussion of students’ achievements is linked to the notion of translation competence. At the end, she returns to the running versus walking argument and comments on its appropriateness for the development of translation competence.
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