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Göpferich, Susanne, Gerrit Bayer-Hohenwarter, Friederike Prassl and Johanna Stadlober. 2011. Exploring translation competence acquisition: criteria of analysis put to the test. In O’Brien, Sharon, ed. Cognitive explorations of translation. London: Continuum. pp. 57–85.


This article describes the translation competence model that forms the frame of reference for TransComp, and the PACTE Group’s model of translation competence acquisition. TransComp explores the development of translation competence in 12 students of translation over a period of three years and compares it with that of 10 professional translators. The methods of data collection employed are think-aloud, keystroke logging with Translog (Jakobsen/Schou 1999), screen recording, webcam records, and retrospective interviews and questionnaires. The goals of the study are to gain insights into the development of translation competence in its continuity, to refine the models of translation competence and translation competence acquisition presented in the literature so far, and to use the empirical findings to improve translation didactics.
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