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Kob, Sabine. 2000. Wielands Shakespeare-Übersetzung: ihre Entstehung und ihre Rezeption im Sturm und Drang [Wieland's Shakespeare-translation: its origin and reception in the Sturm und Drang] (Europäische Hochschulschriften: Angelsächsische Sprache und Literatur 365). Bern: Peter Lang. 310 pp.
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Series 14: Angelsächsische Sprache und Literatur.


William Shakespeare, Christoph Martin Wieland, the Sturm und Drang. Each of these three themes has been sufficiently researched. Nevertheless, in hindsight, Wieland’s Shakespeare translation, nevertheless the first main translation, was completely oppressed by the standard texts of Schlegel and Tieck. The opposition between Sturm und Drang and Wieland’s Shakespeare is well-known and hardly manifested that Wieland’s Shakespeare could have influenced the young generation. The work highlights the intricate relations between Wieland’s translation and the Sturm und Drang in several perspectives and concludes that there has indeed been influence in several ways.
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