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Ammann, Margret. 1994. Von Schleiermacher bis Sartre: translatologische Interpretationen [From Schleiermacher to Sartre: translational interpretations]. In Snell-Hornby, Mary, Franz Pöchhacker and Klaus Kaindl, eds. Translation Studies: an interdiscipline (Benjamins Translation Library 2). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 37–44.
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Margret Ammann considers Schleiermacher’s hermeneutics and Sartre’s Action theory to specify certain aspects of translational action theory and praxis. She focuses on the question of interpretation. Action theory states that interpretation depends on a certain situation or context. But how does this process occur? In what ways are understanding and acting related? The author tries to find an answer in Schleiermacher’s Hermeneutik und Kritik and in Sartre’s L’être et le néant.
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