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Henry, Jacqueline. 1995. La fidélité, cet éternel questionnement: critique de la morale de la traduction [Fidelity, that eternal question: critique of the morale of translation]. In Nouss, Alexis, ed. La traduction, qu'est-ce à dire? Phénoménologies de la traduction [Translation, what is there to say? Phenomenologies of translation]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 40 (3): 367–371.
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Since the beginnings of translation, fidelity has generally been considered the goal to strive for, yet this concept has never been clearly defined. This article questions the validity of the term and its paradigmatic value. To this end, the author analyzes how the notion has been used in Translation Studies, focuses on its moral and religious assumptions, and concludes by voicing the need for a new terminology.
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