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Lamy, Laurent. 1995. Pas de deux: le mésocosme de la traduction comme matrice d'une sémantique frontalière [Pas de deux: the middle universe of translation as a matrix of a semantic cross-border worker]. In Nouss, Alexis, ed. La traduction, qu'est-ce à dire? Phénoménologies de la traduction [Translation, what is there to say? Phenomenologies of translation]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 40 (3): 461–477.
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This papers deals with the idea that translation constitutes a reality sui generis, functioning as a manifold matrix sustaining a relation whose openness cannot be mastered to form a close system. Drawing from the core intuition of romantic Kunstsprache, the argument considers the paradoxical notion of reine Sprache put forth by Walter Benjamin, suggesting that its unsolved implications break towards a critical resistance to any semantic saturation of the contact between tongues formed by diasporic process: the debt of the translator is an involvement towards a “survival” of this plural discourse.
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