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Moreno, Silene. 2001. Traduzir e devorar: o projeto de tradução de Augusto e Haroldo de Campos, a poética concretista e a questão da antropofagia [Translate and devour: the translation project of Augusto and Haroldo de Campos, concrete poetry and anthropophagy]. Tradução e Comunicação 10 : 129–138.
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This paper regards anthropophagy which is largely used by Augusto and Haroldo de Campos in their essays and translations. These poets and translators establish a ‘devouring’ strategy of translation that questions some notions related to originality and authorship in translation. Focusing on the issue of Anthropophagy in their translation project, this paper traces a relationship between the anthropophagous principles, their translation project and the concrete poetry. As the author intends to suggest, the Anthropophagy authorizes the ‘devouring’ of authors and texts by Augusto and Haroldo de Campos and also contributes to the spreading of their poetic assumptions, through translation. Thus, the notion of Anthropophagy is an element that supports, in theoretical terms, the appropriation argued by both, disseminating the concrete poetry.
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