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Stefanink, Bernd and Adriana Balacescu. 2001. Une traductologie au service de la didactique: l'école allemande au sein de la famille traductologique [1] [Translatology in service of didactics: the German school as part of the translatological family 1]. Le Langage et l'Homme 36 (1) : 89–104.


The authors show that, in the field of translation, the German theories have been badly known for a long time or have been ignored and that this ignorance gave place to erroneous interpretations. They then show how a school which explicitly distances itself from linguistics cannot, in fact, ignore linguistics if it proposes to elaborate didactic translation. They then present a general view of the various theories, situating at the same time the German School and the role of linguistics in the evolution of translation theories.
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