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Vilar Sánchez, Karin. 2001. Functional-communicative grammar (Spanish-German) for translators and/or interpreters: a project. Babel 47 (2) : 109–120.
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In the present research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture the group is working on the elaboration of a contrastive functional-communicative grammar (Spanish-German) for translators and/or interpreters on CD Rom, which is considered a valuable working tool for this group. It is well known that one does not translate words and structures but text or discourse. In order to do so, the translator/interpreter must understand the communicative intention of the original text or discourse and reproduce it in the target text. That means that he/she does not only need a solid idiomatic knowledge (knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, phonology, supra-segmental and extra-linguistic elements) in both languages but also a good knowledge of the expressive aspect of all these linguistic resources (i.e. which resources are used to express which function in what kind of situation or text and with what effect).
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