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Alonso Gallo, Laura and Blanca Merck Navarro. 1994. Comportamiento morfosintáctico del adjetivo en el lenguaje publicitario: estudio comparativo alemán-inglés-español [Morphosyntactic behavior of the adjective in advertising language: a German-English-Spanish contrastive study]. In Gómez Conseco, Luis, ed. Traducción [Translation]. Special issue of La Zanahoria Metafísica. Cuadernos de Filología 1: 23–32.
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The data underlying this publication on the function of adjectives in advertisements stem from a corpus of more than 300 German, English and Spanish advertisements published in the press.The authors conclude that adjectives behave in different ways in the three languages due to their specific grammatical structures.
Source : Based on BITRA / J. Franco