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Antia, Bassey E. 2001. Competence and quality in the translation of specialized texts: investigating the role of terminology resources. Quaderns 6 : 16–21. URL
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Article in jnl/bk
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The study was interested in determining how terminology resources created in order to extend the functional range of certain languages were actually meeting underlying goals (knowledge transfer, specialized communication, translation, etc.). With respect to translation, this interest must be seen against the backdrop of, on the one hand, complaints by translators regarding the inadequacy of terminology resources made available to them, and, on the other, the intuitive, pre-theoretical and retrospective basis for articulating these complaints. Aims: a) To develop a methodology of situated analysis useful for the evaluation of terminology resources meant for translation, using a Nigerian glossary on legislative terms as a case study; b) to obtain process or on-line data on translators' interaction with a typical language planning-type terminology resource for the purposes of determining lines along which the resource could be optimized if such a need was established.
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