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Bacardí, Montserrat and Imma Estany. 1999. La mania cervàntica: les traduccions del Quixot al català (1836/50-1906) [The Cervantes obsession: Quixote translated into Catalan (1836/50-1906)]. Quaderns 3 : 49–59. URL
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In the later decade of the 19th century, Cervantes and his work awakened a singular interest among scholars of the Renaixença (cultural movement in Catalonia aimed at retrieving the Catalan language as a literary one). Several initiatives show this interest. The most outstanding ones are three almost complete translations into Catalan of Don Quixote, which appeared in a twenty-four-year lapse. Later on, this work was once more completely translated. The partial versions that have been found up to now total twenty-seven. This paper is a brief presentation of the works published during the period in which the cervantine fervor was at its highest point, from 1836-1850 until 1906.
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