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Baxter, Robert Neal. 2002. El paper de la traducció en la consolidació de la percepció social del gallec com a Abstandsprache [The role of translation in the consolidation of the social perception of Galician as an Abstandsprache]. Quaderns 7 : 167–181. URL
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This paper intends to contribute to the theoretical corpus on the incidence of translation on language politics by exploring the nature of modern 'standardised' Galician (ILG-RAG Norm) as an Ausbausprache and the role that translation can play in consolidating the social status of such emerging Ausbau languages as full Abstand languages in their own rights, especially via intentionally differentialist translations from members of what would otherwise be considered the same linguistic continuum, in this case Standard Portuguese. [Source: BITRA]
Source : Bitra