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Beyers, Rita, Jozef Frams, Dirk Sacré and Koenraad Verrycken, eds. 1999. Tradition et traduction: les textes philosophiques et scientifiques grecs au Moyen Age Latin. Hommage à Fernand Bossier [Tradition and translation: Greek philosphical and scientific texts in medieval Latin: in honour of Fernand Bossier] (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Series 1 25). Leuven: Université de Louvain. 377 pp.
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Contains also papers in German, French and Italian.


Part of the chapters deal with the vocabulary and methodology of translators. Others focus on the origins of the tradition or on the reception of some translations. Others address the issue of fixing the source text for a given translation. All of them deal with the tradition or influence of Greek philosophy and science on Latin medieval translations.
Source : Based on BITRA / J. Franco