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Atkins, Sue B.T., ed. 1998. Using dictionaries: studies of dictionary use by language learners and translators (Lexicographica, Series Maior 88). Tübingen: Max Niemeyer. 212 pp.
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This volume draws together highly detailed studies of how dictionaries are used by different types of users, from school students to senior professors,working with a foreign language with the help of different types of dictionaries, from monolingual dictionaries for native speakers of the foreign language, through bilingual dictionaries, to monolingual dictionaries in the language of the user. The tasks being carried out include L2-L1 translation, L1-L2 translation, L2 comprehension, self-expression in L2, and various project-specific linguistic exercises. The authors have tried to include enough details to allow readers to replicate the tests, and adapt them to serve their own interests.
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