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Buezo Canalejo, Catalina. 2003. El lenguaje oral formalizado de los guiones cinematográficos: la traducción de House of Games de David Mamet [The formalized oral language of film scripts: the translation of David Mamet's House of Games]. In Puerta López-Cózar, José Luis and Assumpta Mauri Más. Manual para la redacción, traducción y publicación de textos médicos [A handbook for the writing, translation and publishing of medical texts]. Paris: Masson.
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Translating the works of the writer and film director David Mamet is a complex task if style fidelity is one of the main translation priorities. The main difficulty seems to be the tone to be translated into, since it is hard to reproduce the communicative situation of the House of Games given that the oral formal language of the film script has to match visual frames, which have certain parallelisms and misleading situations.
Source : Based on BITRA / P. Orero Clavero