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Gile, Daniel, Helle Vrønning Dam, Friedel Dubslaff, Bodil Martinsen and Anne Schjoldager, eds. 2001. Getting started in interpreting research: methodological reflections, personal accounts and advice for beginners (Benjamins Translation Library 33). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. xiv + 255 pp.
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US ISBN: 1-58811-128-8


In this volume, experienced supervisors as well as younger scholars speak to beginning researchers in interpreting, and more generally in Translation Studies. The contributors, who are very familiar with the difficulties beginners experience, focus on their needs and anticipate their questions. They reflect, analyze and advise, with illustrations from their own experience. Issues discussed include topic selection, project planning, time management, ‘doctoral stress’, the use of the literature, critical reading and book reviews, supervisor-supervisee relations, institutional frameworks for research training, issues in empirical research, theoretical analysis, and the role of small projects. Readers will thus find answers to many personal, institutional and methodological questions, which are common to beginners in many disciplines and in many paradigms.
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