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Pöchhacker, Franz. 2000. Dolmetschen: konzeptuelle Grundlagen und deskriptive Untersuchungen [Interpreting: conceptual foundations and descriptive analyses] (Studien zur Translation 7). Tübingen: Stauffenburg. xii + 336 pp.


This book on interpreting tackles a number of issues. After an introduction, the author embarks upon the first chapter. He looks into interpreting as a concept, provides a definition, looks into interpreting as a function and as a profession. The second chapter is dedicated to Interpreting Studies, focusing, among other issues, on its development. The third chapter is devoted to translation-theoretical foundations. The fourth chapter deals with communication with non-German speaking patients in hospital. The next chapter looks into ad-hoc interpreting in therapeutic interaction. Next, the author embarks upon qualifications and roles of interpreters in community settings.
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