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Kageura, Kyo and Teruo Koyama, eds. 2000. Revising and editing for translators. Special issue of Terminology 6 (2) vii + 182 pp.


Using a systematic approach peppered with insider's tips and numerous real-world examples, Mossop offers guidance not just for students learning to edit texts written by others, but also for professional translators who wish to improve their self-revision ability or learn to revise others. The book includes coverage of a range of topics including: copyediting; stylistic editing; structural editing; checking for consistency; use of computer aids; revision parameters; degrees of revision; self-revision; quality assessment. Attention is paid to the range of cultural situations in which editors and revisers work, and the important social and political role their activities can play. The inclusion of suggested discussion topics and exercises, a proposed grading scheme for editing assignments, and a reference glossary make this a course book for professional translation programmes.
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