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Al-Qinai, Jamal. 2001. Explicitation vs. implicitation in English-Arabic translation. In Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Barbara and Marcel Thelen, eds. Translation and meaning 5. Maastricht: Universitaire Pers. pp. 409–423.
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The paper investigates the phenomenon of explicitation and implicitation in texts translated from English into Arabic and vice versa. The main objective is to diagnose the causes of such a phenomenon. The examples cited cover various genres with the hypothesis that any change in the target text’s volume (i.e. word count) is attributable to one or more factors, including: paraphrasing vs. Reduction of cultural terms and technical jargon; transliteration of proper names; mismatches of collocations and idioms; phatic phrases and rhetorical clichés; hendiadys and lexical redundancy; style shift; arbitrary punctuation and shifts in cohesive devices; syntactic redundancy.
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