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Witte, Heidrun. 2000. Die Kulturkompetenz des Translators: begriffliche Grundlegung und Didaktisierung [The cultural competence of the translator: conceptual groundwork and didactics] (Studien zur Translation 9). Tübingen: Stauffenburg. 235 pp.


Starting from the assumption that translating and interpreting are transcultural interactions, this study aims to develop a differentiated definition of the concept 'translational culture competence' (translatorische Kulturkompetenz). Combining insights from modern translation studies and intercultural communication studies, it shows to what extent intercultural communication is determined by different values, norms, experiences and expectations. The author explores what this means for translators. She argues that they should be familiar with their own and the foreign culture and be aware of the images (stereotypes, prejudices, idealisations...) that these cultures have of each other. Thus, they could prevent intercultural misunderstandings through translation. After the theoretical part, the author formulates conclusions and requirements for a translation didactics.
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