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Chew, Shirley and Alistair Stead, eds. 2000. Translating life: studies in transpositional aesthetics (Liverpool English Texts and Studies). Liverpool: Liverpool University Press. 421 pp.


This volume brings together 18 essays by scholars, critics, and translators to explore the idea and practice of translation. The individual, but conceptually related, contributions examine topics from the Renaissance to the present in the context of apt exploration of the translation process, involving both restricted and extended senses of translation. The endeavor is to study in detail the theory, workings, and implications of what might be called the art of creative transposition, effective at the level of interlingual transcoding, dynamic rewriting, theatrical and cinematic adaptation, intersemiotic and intermedial translation, and cultural exchange. Several entries from theatre practitioners underscore the practical importance of the translator on the stage and the business of both acting and directing as a species of translation. [Based on abstract of the Center for Translation Studies, University of Texas at Dallas]
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