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Keeley, Edmund. 2000. On translation: reflections and conversations (The Greek Poetry Archive 3). Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Publishers. 117 pp.
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Is translation a craft, an art, or something in between? When novelist, translator, and critic Edmund Keeley began his work in this field 45 years ago, he thought of translation essentially as a craft. But as he points out in the preface to this collection of his thoughts and conversations with colleagues about this complex process, sometimes translation is "a form of art that deserves to abide on equal terms with all other literary arts." In this unusual study, Keeley also deals with the often neglected topic of the commerce of translation. Additionally he provides valuable insights into his collaboration as a translator with his wife Mary, with Phillip Sherrard and George Savidis, and with several of the poets he has translated. These partnerships have resulted in making the poetry of Cavafy, Elytis, Ritsos, Seferis, and Sikelianos internationally known and admired in the English-speaking world. [Source: abstract of the Center for Translation Studies, University of Texas at Dallas]
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