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Steiner, Ben. 1998. Signs from the void: the comprehension and production of sign language on television. Interpreting 3 (2) : 99–146.
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The purpose of this research was to investigate British Sign Language (BSL) production on television and its comprehension by the viewing audience. The data analysis could then be used for programme decisions relating to cultural and linguistic specifications. The research focused on a comprehension test. This involved three group categories reflecting two varieties of sign language users, a group whose BSL is most informed by English, another whose BSL is dominant, and a hearing group used for comparison. All sample and test responses were analysed and profiled in view of signing production and psychological treatment of the language. The use of sign language on television was compared with its wider use among deaf people. This paper summarizes the discussion and recommendations that may be directly referred to by programme makers and translators/interpreters.
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