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Colina Garcea, Sonia. 1997. Teaching translation to undergraduates: what errors reveal. Translatio 16 (3) : 245–258.
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This paper deals with the role of errors and error analysis in a non-traditional communicative translation classroom. Errors are no longer viewed as a form of deviant behaviour in need of urgent correction, but as a way of looking into the learning process and determining at which stage of the developmental process students are. The research presented here reports on the result of the analysis of the errors encountered in the work of students enrolled in an introductory translation course. The analysis found confirms that the students are at the earliest developmental stages. The identification of errors that belong to a specific stage results in clearer goals and objectives for the translation classroom. Another important finding was that most errors derived from a lack of translation-specific skills and not from foreign language deficiency, which provides evidence for the existence of a translation 'supercompetence' beyond bilingual skills. The paper also discusses pedagogical consequences.
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