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Courcelles, Dominique de. 2001. Traduire et citer les évangiles en Catalogne à la fin du xv siècle: quelques enjeux de la traduction et de la citation dans la Vita Christide Sor Isabel de Villena [Translating and quoting the gospels in Catalonia at the end of the 15th century: some issues on translation and quotation in Sor Isabel de Villena's Vita Christi]. In Martínez Romero, Tomás and Roxana Recio, eds. Essays on medieval translation in the Iberian peninsula (Estudis sobre la Traducció 9). Castelló de la Plana: Universitat Jaume I. pp. 173–190.
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The article perceives in Villena's Vita Christi a secret subversion of what the Catholic church accepted and approved at the time. According to de Courcelles, the heart of spiritual life in Villena's work is the blood of Christ, which will give new life, not the consummation of the body, which brings Villena closer to some unorthodox authors.
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