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Al-Hassan Athamneh, Naser and Jehan Ibrahim Zitawi. 1999. English-Arabic translation of dubbed children’s animated pictures. Babel 45 (2) : 127–148.
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This study aims at evaluating the translation of dubbed children’s animated pictures shown on Jordan Television and other Arab televisions in terms of accuracy and faithfulness to the original text. In an attempt to achieve this goal, the researchers have studied the translations of 56 episodes of Arabic versions of five children’s animated pictures. Upon close examination of the translated material, it has been found that most of the translators have given erroneous renderings of some portions of the original texts, thus distorting the message conveyed in the target language text and, consequently, affecting, in a direct way, the educational level of the children. The researchers analyse and categorise some erroneously translated words, phrases and sentences observed in the corpus of the study. They also try to attribute the errors to their possible causes. In a final instance, the researchers suggest alternative, supposedly more appropriate translations of the source language utterances.
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