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Díaz Muñoz, María. 2002. Estudio del nivel de especialización del vocabulario jurídico penal en un texto de divulgación [An analysis of the level of specialization of legal vocabulary in criminal law from a text for the common reader]. Puentes 2 : 83–92. URL
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By observing the translation of Chapter XII: Deadlock: The First Trial from the book Perjury by Allen Weinstein, the author produced a glossary of legal terms with their definitions and different proposals of translation. With this study, the author tries to investigate whether different terms exist in legal language, relevant to different levels of language, to designate the same concept or if on the contrary, it lacks them. Studying the variation in the Spanish legal terms of the glossary, people can verify that in specialized language sometimes only one translation is possible. Through this study, we can deduce that legal language is both complex and difficult, lacking synonyms; it is a professional, specialized language only comprehensible to the legal professions. Consequently, there is a need to simplify this language to make it more accessible and communicative as we can see constant attempts to 'adapt and update' this complex legal language.
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