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Abdulla, Adnan K. 1999. Aspects of ideology in translating literature. Babel 45 (1) : 1–16.
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Although there are many meanings associated with “ideology”, both Marxist and Humanistic associations of the term are ignored since they regard it as a term of abuse. Instead, the meaning associated with critical linguistics is adopted as it refers to the propositions or assumptions we hold about the world, others, or ourselves in a way similar to a lens which colours, clarifies, or wraps the world. The paper attempts to explain how ideology exerts pressures and constraints on literary translation. The text undergoes a series of transformations or distortions depending on the stance or ideology of the author. Many examples from literature are cited to highlight the dilemma that faces the translator when his/her ideology contradicts the author’s, or when the translator unconsciously adopts a technique that is different from the author’s. Such differences can be construed as deviation, changes, or adoption of an ideology, which is at variance with what the author intends.
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