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Quillard, Geneviève. 1999. Publicité, traduction et reproduction de la culture [Publicity, translation and cultural reproduction]. Babel 45 (1) : 39–52.
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Long neglected, culture is now seen as an integral part of research in translation studies, if one is to judge by the number of books and articles published in recent years. Further, if there is one area in which it plays a fundamental role, it is in the field of advertising. The aim of this study is to bring to light some cultural practices of North American Anglophones, French Canadians and the French as they are conveyed through advertising. This research is based upon a body of more than 500 advertisements published in English over the course of the past ten years in various North American news and fashion magazines, upon their translations for the French Canadian community and upon more than 500 advertisements published in various French news and fashion magazines, which present either the same product or service, or an equivalent product or service. Finally, this study will analyse the differences between these advertisements and their translated versions.
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