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Petrilli, Susan, ed. 2003. Translation translation (Approaches to Translation Studies 21). Amsterdam: Rodopi. 660 pp.


Translation Translation contributes to the current debate on the interdisciplinarity of translation and discusses its theoretical and practical implications. The volume starts from the idea that in the context of globalization translation is fundamental for education and responds to new community needs with reference to Europe and more extensively to the international world. The contributions argue that reflection on translation cannot be restricted to the domain of linguistics but must necessarily involve semiotics, the general science or theory of signs. In this theoretical framework, essays have been included not only from major translation experts, but also from researchers working in different areas, in addition to semiotics and linguistics, also philosophy, literary criticism, cultural studies, gender studies, biology, and the medical sciences. All scholars work on problems of translation in the light of their own special competencies and interests.
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