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Lorenzo García, María Lourdes, Ana María Pereira Rodríguez and Veljka Ruzicka Kenfel, eds. 2002. Contribuciones al estudio de la traducción de literatura infantil y juvenil [Some contributions to the study of the translation of children's literature]. Madrid: Dossat. 149 pp.


This collection offers new perspectives in the study of translation in general and translation of children's literature in particular. Its six chapters reveal a rich world, which deals with a large variety of questions. These questions address transnational procedures (the study of translation strategies with special emphasis on foreignization vs. domestication), translation and intertextuality (the problems of intertextuality as manifested in the translations of Christine Nöstlinger into both Spanish and Catalan), a socio-historical analysis of the translation activity (analysis of the German editorial market and the way it determines transitional procedures), inter-translation (the relation between textual components –verbal and non-verbal, such as illustrations and icons), history of culture (an overview of the history of the translation of children's literature in Spain since the 19th century), and cultural mechanisms (an analysis of censorship and its cultural products).
Source : BITRA / Z. Shavit

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