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Fischer, Martin B. 2000. Diferencias culturales reflejadas en la traducción de la literatura infantil y juvenil [Cultural differences reflected in the translation of children's literature]. In Kenfel, Veljka Ruzicka, Celia Vázquez García and María Lourdes Lorenzo García, eds. Literatura infantil y juvenil: tendencias actuales en investigación [Children's and juvenile literature: current research trends] (Congresos 28). Vigo: Universidade de Vigo. pp. 149–160.
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Taking examples from the translation of books written in German by the Austrian writer Christine Nöstlinger into Spanish and Catalan, the article shows the many differences at the time of translating cultural references into Children's Literature. The analysis shows how the problem partially lies in the concept of Children's Literature, which may not be agreed by writers, editors, and translators.
Source : Based on BITRA / P. Orero Clavero