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Fuentes Luque, Adrián. 2001. La recepción del humor audiovisual traducido: estudio comparativo de fragmentos de las versiones doblada y subtitulada al español de la película Duck Soup, de los hermanos Marx [The reception of audiovisual translated humour: a comparative analysis of excerpts of the dubbed and subtitled Spanish versions of the film Duck Soup, by the Marx brothers]. Granada: Universidad de Granada.
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Unpublished PhD.


The dissertation studies the translation of humour and culture in the Spanish dubbing and subtitling of Duck Soup (1933), by the Marx brothers. It attempts to analyse the notion of humour and the cultural constraints for its audiovisual translation. It concludes that the Spanish public prefers dubbing to subtitling, that both modes can provide the same humour effect, that cultural items receive different treatments depending on the translation mode and the cultural context, and that the literal translation of puns brings about opacity. It also includes a questionnaire to assess the reception of humour by the Spanish public.
Source : BITRA / J. Franco