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Bulut, Alev. 2002. Çeviride Dil ve Metin [Language and text in translation]. Istanbul: Istanbul University, Faculty of Education. 100 pp.
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This book discusses and exemplifies the interdisciplinary connections between translation studies and text-linguistics with reference to the linguistic and text-linguistic models in recent studies that are based on discursive and pragmatic macro structures in analysis. The work introduces the models and concepts of text-analysis that comply with the functional approach to translation processes and products. The change of paradigm in translation studies from source oriented into target-oriented beginning in the 1970's and the macro structural approaches in text-linguistics are brought forward as interfaces that may lead to a productive and beneficial relation (mutually beneficial although treated from the point of view of translation studies within the content of the book) between linguistics and translation studies. The work consists of three main chapters. The first chapter deals with the introduction of translation studies and textlinguistics as independent disciplines with possible interfaces such as textuality principles, contrastive text-linguistics, discourse and text-type based analysis. The second chapter deals with the transfer at textlinguistic level through the introduction and exemplification of macro-structural models for literary texts (macro-speech acts, pragmatic transfer). The third chapter discusses and expemplifies the transfer of female discourse in literary translation as a specific focus for analysis. The study concludes with an overall evaluation of the frameworks suggested throughout the study and suggestions for the future of the interdisciplinary ties between the two disciplines, namely translation studies and text-linguistics, with the contribuiton of the researchers form the translation studies with a focus firmly built upon transfer and translational phenomena rather than text-linguistic perspectives which inevitably change the focus from transfer and functional approaches in the field of translation into contrastive linguistic perspectives.
Source : A. Bulut