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Gülen, Barbara Blackwell, Ismail Boztas and Christoph Veldhues, eds. 2003. Translation Studies in the new millennium. Special issue of Translation Studies in the New Millennium 1 xiii + 426 pp.
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Special issue
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Ankara: Bizim Buro Basimevi
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Proceedings from the First International Conference on Translation and Interpretation and Special Issue of #Translation Studies in the New Millennium#. ISBN not available.


The Translation Studies in the New Millennium International Conference took place at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey October 16-18 2002. Among the plenary speakers were: Basil Hatim (American University of Sharjah) "The pragmatics of translator emotiveness and visibility: a socio-textual perspective"; Alexis Nouss (University of Montreal) "Ne mettez pas vos pendules à l’heure ou de la traduction comme métissage langagier"; Gideon Toury (University of Tel Aviv) "The notion of ‘assumed translation’ and its methodological implications". The proceedings also contain an article by Hannelore Lee-Jahnke (University of Geneva) "Handling evaluation in translation training". Presenters at the conference came from 23 different countries on six continents and presented on twelve different language pairs. The proceedings contain a wide range of topics, including nine papers on literary translation , five papers on theory, four papers on linguistics and culture, two on terminology and one on film translation.
Source : B. Blackwell Gulen

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