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Andersen, Øivin. 1990. Fagspråk som forskningsdisiplin 2 [Technical language as a scientific discipline 2]. Hermes 4 : 85–100.
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This article deals with the object of study for LSP. After stressing the general importance of studying LSP (Language for Specific Purposes) (section 2), attention is focused on basic methods, models and definition types used in attempts at drawing a line of demarcation between LSP and LGP (Language for General Purposes) (section 3). Four alternative approaches to the relationship between LSP and terminology are discussed in section 4. In section 5 the object of study is discussed in more detail. The concept subject field is seen as being related to the concepts tacit knowledge and communicative competence. The article concludes that the most fruitful study of LSP is the themes or subject matter of texts. The first part of this article has been printed in HERMES 3 (1989), pp. 73-98.
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