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Serrano Cabezas, María José and Pablo Jesús Sanz Moreno. 1997. La présentation des néologismes [The presentation of neologisms]. Babel 43 (2) : 97–105.
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Although the presentation of neologisms is the last step to be taken in the translation of new lexical items in scientific and technical texts, it has a significance, which should not be overlooked. In the same way as the neologism itself, typography (quotation marks, italics, etc.), explanatory notes and commentaries, can play an important role in giving account of the functional value of the new term in the micro-context in which it is inserted. Thus, if the neologism is bound to occupy a crucial role in its conceptual area that will affect any future research, it should be treated in a special way. It is clear that, in other cases, the functional value of the term can be perfectly rendered by means of a periphrasis.
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