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Garrido, Carlos. 2002. L'eficacia de la traducció de textos cientificotecnics en la promoció d'una lengua socialment minoritzada (a propòsit del gallegoportugues a Galícia) [The efficiency of translating scientific and technical texts in the promotion of a minority language (on Galician-Portuguese in Galicia)]. In Díaz Fouces, Oscar, Marta García González and J. Costa Carreras, eds. Traducció i dinàmica sociolingüística [Translation and sociolinguistic dynamics]. Barcelona: Llibres de l'Index. pp. 151–173.
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The author proposes the expansion of the activity of translating scientific-technical texts in order to promote and develop the many language resources in a minority language -Galician. At the same time, translation would have a beneficial reassuring effect on Galician speakers. The article proposes some suggestions for an efficient translation.
Source : Based on BITRA / P. Orero Clavero