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Nordborg Nielsen, Joel. 1994. Der er en verden uden for sproget: Om at sikre kvalitet i oversættelse af fagsproglige tekster. Hermes 12 : 91–108.
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Translation of LSP-texts is not merely the transfer of "the meanings of a profession" but also the creation of a new text. Therefore, an important parameter is the neutrality of the translated text: It should observe norms and standards of original texts of a profession, written in the given target language. As many translations show, translators often do not seem to be acquainted with such norms and standards, a subject normally not dealt with in dictionaries. Since any professional world has a restricted professional discourse, being reflected in the texts of the profession (which is shown in the present paper with respect to technical texts), it should be possible for the translator trainee to learn what professional texts look like through the study of genuine texts of a profession, getting, at the same time, a certain understanding of the professional world reflected in the texts.
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