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Schjoldager, Anne. 1995. An exploratory study of translational norms in simultaneous interpreting: methodological reflections. Hermes 14 : 65–88.
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This paper discusses some possibilities that the theory of translational norms (Toury 1980) may offer in connection with research into simultaneous interpreting. After a brief discussion of the concept of translational norms, the author explores how this concept may be useful in interpreting research in general. The author then proceeds to discuss and criticize the set-up of her own project on simultaneous interpreting and translation - especially how the progressive aspect was originally used as a focus of analysis. The author concludes by demonstrating how the theory of translational norms has been a useful methodological tool in the analysis of her data. One result is the discovery that certain translational norms seem to be peculiar to simultaneous interpreting - for instance norms regarding what one ought to do in connection with capacity saturation.
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