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Godayol i Nogué, Pilar. 1998. Interviewing Carol Maier: a woman in translation. Quaderns 2 : 155–162. URL
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This paper is the result of two interviews which were conducted in Chicago on December 28, 1995 and in Norwich on September 10, 1996.


In an article which followed her translations into English of Memorias de Leticia Valle by Rosa Chacel and Delirio y destino by María Zambrano, Carol Maier establishes what for the author should be one of the fundamental maxims for translators (1996-209): ' is not only in the text of a work but precisely in the notes, introductions, and afterwords meant to ensure a work's recovery that the most decided re-covering often occurs.' For Maier, literary translator, teacher and theoretician of translation, the translator's 'responsibility' is not limited to a mere (re)writing of the source text. Translators need to implicate themselves, abandon the pretence of objective distance and make plain their theoretical position and practical decisions regarding the text.
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