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Gómez Parra, María Elena. 1999. La traducción como proceso cognitivo: un modelo léxico-conceptual a partir del estudio traductológico de A Confederacy of Dunces de J. Kennedy Toole y su traducción español [Translation as a cognitive process: a lexical-conceptual model based on the translational study of A Confederacy of Dunces, by J. Kennedy Toole, and its Spanish translation]. Córdoba: Universidad de Córdoba.
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Unpublished PhD.


The dissertation focuses on the cognitive processes in the translation of the semantic field FEELING-SENTIMIENTOS within a literary corpus made up by the novel A Conferacy of Dunces and its Spanish translation as La Conjura de los Necios. The work follows the methodology put forward by K. Van Leuven-Zwart, and looks for translation shifts from a psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic perspective. It concludes that this methodology can open new and important lines in translation research.
Source : BITRA / J. Franco