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Heinsch, Barbara. 2000. Las traducciones de Federico García Lorca al alemán: una lucha con la ley [Translating Federico García Lorca into German: a struggle with the law]. In Valero-Garcés, Carmen and Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas, eds. Traducción y nuevas tecnologías: herramientas auxiliares del traductor [Translation and new technologies: tools for the translator]. Alcalá de Henares: Servicio de Publicaciones de UAH. pp. 295–303.
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Heinsch explains how after years of misunderstandings, a dispute arose between the German publishing house Insel/Suhrkamp and the Foundation representing Enrique Beck's translational rights over Lorca's work (which were exclusive in Germany until the end of the 20th century). This has determined the reception of the Spanish poet and playwright García Lorca's work in German-speaking countries, preventing any other interpretations from being published. The author compares Beck's translations to others, by Rudolf Wittkopf, Hans Magnus Enzensberger and her own. Beck's translations seem to be very baroque and archaic (very much in the line of German literature in the 1950s) whereas Lorca tends to prefer simple words and style.
Source : Based on BITRA / J. F. Aixelá