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Hurtado Díaz, Amparo. 2001. La traducción en Residencia: revista de la Residencia de Estudiantes (1926-1934) [Translation in Residencia: he journal of the Residencia de Estudiantes (1926-1934)]]. In Pegenaute Rodríguez, Luis, ed. La traducción en la Edad de Plata [Translation in the Silver Age]. Barcelona: PPU. pp. 135–147.
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The article describes the cultural and historical context of pre- and Republican Spain through this journal published by a very prestigious Spanish educational institution, viz. the Residencia de Estudiantes. The article focuses especially on the importance given to translations. The journal was representative of the atmosphere of what is considered as the Spanish Edad de Plata (Silver Age), hence translations offer a good parameter for the analysis of the relevance of the cultural imports brought by them.
Source : Based on BITRA / P. Orero Clavero